Favorite Audio

Bushkiller Heavy Metal Song
Border of Life (Remix) Video Game Song
KCC - Drawcia Sorceress Video Game Song
Princess Aurora - Voice Demo 1 Voice Demo Loop
junior senior acapella Voice Demo Song
Harvest Season Dance Song
XDSX - Lunar Harvest Drum N Bass Song
Oktober Harvest Ambient Song
Megaman 2 - Flashman! Video Game Song
bubbleman's theme Video Game Song
Megaman remix: Time-Stopper Dance Song
Edge of the Tomahawk Video Game Song
Garden Party Miscellaneous Song
eddegg end credits acapella Voice Demo Loop
<R+>MM&B- Pirate Man Video Game Song
Day in the Life of Pirate Dave Voice Demo Song
Zero Bombers Pwned! Voice Demo Song
TV Land and 'Splosions Voice Demo Song
Warcraft Kindergarten Drama Voice
Voice acting demo 1 Voice Demo Song
CantinabandstarwarsAccapella Voice Demo Song
Pirate Contest Entry- TomaMoto Voice Demo Song
Cheese Acapella loop Voice Demo Song
Metalman - Metal Dance Video Game Song
Airman vs. Monsteropolis Video Game Song
{LAi} Native Faith Video Game Song
Who Are The Aki Sisters? Video Game Song
Wilsonbeard's Cannon Workshop Voice Demo Song
Can You Feel The Love Tonight Voice Demo Song
Organic cucumber Voice acting Blues Song
Ice Cream Man! Miscellaneous Song
Crytanic R&B Song
Pachelbel's Gallon Brit Pop Song
A whole new friggin world Miscellaneous Song
Freeeeedom Heavy Metal Song
Kid Pow!¬ Fluffsy The Sheep Miscellaneous Song
Teh DJ's Special X-mas! Dance Song
Epic song part 1 Dance Song
Drew the Mew HAIL! Voice Demo Song
Pie Hopes Jazz Song
Mary poppins Voice Demo Song
-Dreaming- General Rock Song
Blackharrier32's V/O demo Voice Demo Song
MegaMan 2 HeatMan Mix Video Game Song
Mystics Voice Demo Voice Demo Song
Angry Animator Rant Voice Demo Loop
Let it rain Techno Song
Inside Wily's Fortress Video Game Loop
<|>: MegaManX - Boss Intro v.1 Video Game Loop
Nuclear Flash (Mega Man 2) Video Game Song
[SD] MM2 - It's Bubble Time! Video Game Song
CrashMan's theme Video Game Song
The Rhythm & Quick / Megaman 2 Video Game Loop
Radio Randoms Miscellaneous Song
Legend Of Zelda: The Remix Video Game Song
It Doesn't Matter (Kirb ver.) Video Game Song
Khuskan - Elevator music 2007 Jazz Loop
Sapphire's '09 Voice Demo Voice Demo Song
Witchykirb Video Game Song
Newgrounds On Speed Video Game Loop
Story time with Grandma Voice Demo Song
Fountain of Dreams (remix) Video Game Song
Kirby Air Ride In The City Video Game Song
Vegetable Valley Video Game Song
Drawcia's Shiver Mix Video Game Song
kirby - floating islands Video Game Loop
Kirby 64 Shiver Star Remixxx Video Game Song
kirby - Fountain of dreams Video Game Song
Clown boss Battle Video Game Song
Kirby's Incoming Boss! Video Game Song
King DeDeDe: Star Beat 'Mix Video Game Song
Kirby: Squeak Squad Battle! Video Game Song
Battle of Marx Video Game Song
Kirby Nightmare Orch. Rock Video Game Loop
Game Remix - Kirby's Adventure Video Game Song
Kirby-King DeDeDe Video Game Song
Kirby - King Dedede Video Game Song
Kirby-Green Greens Video Game Song
The King [7000] Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Purest of Winters Classical Song
Boombox! Miscellaneous Song
Power To The People Punk Song
Shores of Hell Drum N Bass Song
Another Shore Video Game Song
[Fets] He's Insane Hip Hop - Modern Song
Summer Rave! Techno Song
Character Voice Acting Demo Voice Demo Loop
Wolfwings' Demo Reel Voice Demo Song
Andre's Anime Demo 2009 Voice Demo Loop
GeneralIvan's 09 Demo Reel Voice Demo Loop
Knight of the Wind (GB Piano) Video Game Song
The Contender Punk Song
Traverse the Woods =HFX= Miscellaneous Loop
[Dreaming] Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Song of Storms remix Video Game Song
Stupid Mario Brothers Theme Punk Song
SSBB Forest Maze Video Game Song
Madness: Evil clown Techno Song
Inu Yasha: The Movie Trailer Voice Demo Song