Entry #15

Long time, no see!

2011-03-17 16:07:50 by stepmania

Wait, I haven't posted a journal in two effin' years? lol I must've forgotten this place.
Anyhow, howdy! To anyone who doesn't know me, I'm stepmania, but I prefer to be called Spenchan (cause that's a frequent nickname for me online).
Anyway, I joined here two years with the hope and dreams of becoming a VA/artist, but the artistic thing got in the way. Seriously, when your roleplaying online with drawing, it's addicting.
Anyhoo, if anyone cares, I'm planning to make a new VA demo. I'm not sure when, but soon! (I deleted the previous one because I realized how retarded I sounded in it. No, the Pokemon Impressions isn't it, it was just a quick, fun little thingy that I did for fun. '_')
It'll probably be uploaded around late April or May. If sooner, it'll be at the end of March. I've been practicing on my voice acting skills and I'm getting used to the sound effect options on Garageband! :>

I'm planning to be more active on here, also, starting with uploading some of my artz here. Not like deviantART is useless to me now, but I just want to find a way to be active here! >.<

I leave you now with a Touhou video that contains BADASSM. No, I'm serious. Everything in this video is pure effin' win!

Okay, see you all soon! :>


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