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Long time, no see!

2011-03-17 16:07:50 by stepmania

Wait, I haven't posted a journal in two effin' years? lol I must've forgotten this place.
Anyhow, howdy! To anyone who doesn't know me, I'm stepmania, but I prefer to be called Spenchan (cause that's a frequent nickname for me online).
Anyway, I joined here two years with the hope and dreams of becoming a VA/artist, but the artistic thing got in the way. Seriously, when your roleplaying online with drawing, it's addicting.
Anyhoo, if anyone cares, I'm planning to make a new VA demo. I'm not sure when, but soon! (I deleted the previous one because I realized how retarded I sounded in it. No, the Pokemon Impressions isn't it, it was just a quick, fun little thingy that I did for fun. '_')
It'll probably be uploaded around late April or May. If sooner, it'll be at the end of March. I've been practicing on my voice acting skills and I'm getting used to the sound effect options on Garageband! :>

I'm planning to be more active on here, also, starting with uploading some of my artz here. Not like deviantART is useless to me now, but I just want to find a way to be active here! >.<

I leave you now with a Touhou video that contains BADASSM. No, I'm serious. Everything in this video is pure effin' win!

Okay, see you all soon! :>

Auditions will be held on the Voice Acting Club site. To find out more information, please read it here.
So, let me start.
I've been working on a project for a while (not a flash animation, a 4-part series on Youtube), which make the Kirby characters humanized, and puts them in the story of Sleeping Beauty. I will be hosting these auditions for each part, except for the finale part, because all the characters I need would be in the last video.
So, anyone who wants to audition for Part 1 of 4, please make sure you have a account on the Voice Acting site. I will be hosting these auditions until October 17th.
In other news, I'm still working on the Kero Destiny fandub I promised some of you. Just need to start recording...

Sleeping Beauty Kirby Parody Auditions

Kero Destiny Dub Preview

2009-08-26 19:56:07 by stepmania

I'm planning to do a dubbed version of Kero Destiny, so you have been warned. I may or may not have a sore throat afterwards!

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Catakiller's Game Reviews! (Suggestions please!)

2009-08-19 09:19:18 by stepmania

So, I decided to start another web-comic, titled Catakiller's Game Reviews. If you don't know what Catakiller looks like, he's the little purple ball in my profile pic to the left!
Anyhow, he (as in me, because I'm the one drawing and typing), reviews all sorts of games. That also includes games from Newgrounds, the good old 1980s-1990s, fan-made games (like attempts to make a RPG-parody of Touhou or Sonic), the games you have to buy, and many more!
So, what I'm basically saying here is that if you want me to review a game you made here on Newgrounds, then this is the perfect chance! I don't really care what it contains, just don't expect a "bad" review of it, or a "good" review of it. It all depends on how it turns out!
Also, I'm still up and open for voice acting if you need someone to do voices. I think I'll make another voice demo soon...

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Need a Voice Actress?

2009-08-16 08:09:33 by stepmania

I decided that since, well, let's face it:
The animation I want is over $600
I don't have a tablet
And... most of the things I want are on PCs (I have a mac, sadly)
Yeah, I decided to do voice acting! I can pretty much do voices of high-pitch bratty cheerleaders or a old man, or anything you want. I only was able to put some voices on this voice demo here. I'll make another version when I start to get used to Garageband.
So, to simplify it all:
Voice actress.
Need one?
Email lines at
I'm don't charge cash.
Or credit card.
Blah blah.
Oh, and I started a webcomic called Bob and Jeremy. Please check it out.

Oh, well...

2009-08-02 08:14:56 by stepmania

I guess my only purpose here until I stop being an ass and animate is voice acting.
I'll just post a voice demo on here and see the results. God dammit...
And posting my art on here. Let's see how long it takes until I epically fail...

Oh, well...

I've been planning for a long time to make a shooting game. Not a "SHUT UP AND KILL RANDOM CRAP" kind. Sort of like a Touhou Style one...
Anyway, I was planning on doing this a long time ago, but I'm not sure what flash system is good for Mac Pro/can design a good, fun shooting game. Of course, if someone wants to help me, I can PM you to send you the dialogue for the whole game. I already got the first character's dialogue/choices of endings lade down, but anyone who knows what program to use, it would be greatly appreciated.
I was also planning on having voices for it (since not many Newgrounds games have voices to go along with a character's dialogue), the backgrounds/characters would be drawn by me. and it would have original music that seem like they were made by ZUN himself (not as in steal music from him). This is not one of those Power of Three thingies, but anyone who could help would be greatly appreciated!
Wow... this was the longest post I think I have ever/will ever post on here. But, ignoring that, anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated!

Finally! The Art Portal!

2009-06-19 08:03:52 by stepmania

No longer do I have to sit on my butt and wait for the day when I get a tablet and animation system! I'm going to summit my art until I can't summit anymore due to writer's block!
Blah, blah, blah... Here's a sampling... blah blah blah...

Finally! The Art Portal!

God, I had this idea in my head, and I need a way to get rid of it before my head explodes with both anger and pain...
The plot:
This takes place during the time Nintendo is deciding who will be in Brawl, and there is a huge selection of characters auditioning. Those characters include:
Mega-Man (Mega-Man series)
NiGHTS (NiD and NiJ)
Mallow (SMRPG)
Pichu (Pokemon)
Mallow (again?)
Miku Hatsune (Wait... are you serious?)
Snake (Solid Snake)
Lucas (Mother 3)
Mallow (WHY HIM?)
Pichu dressed like Lucario
Catakiller (the Sonic the Hedgehog character everyone forgot about...)
Toon Link (Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass)
and Mallow (he's desperate, huh?)
I doubt anyone would want to take this idea, but anyone who does, I would appreciate it!

Voice Demo Soon... I hope...

2009-05-25 08:33:09 by stepmania

God, the only thing I'm really good at now is drawing. I guess the only way to make my time on Newgrounds useful is to do some voice acting. I'll post one on Youtube, 'cause Newgrounds won't allow me to post my voice demos on here! Or my music! Well, at least I'm able to post pictures on these here posts. It's coming in summer, people!

Voice Demo Soon... I hope...